Casino Marketing is All About Brand Recognition

Posted on: February 14, 2011

One of the cornerstones of casino marketing, as well as marketing in other industries, is brand recognition. Your brand is your identity as a company. Take for example the following:

Which soda would you choose?


If I’m venturing a guess, I would think at least 9/10 people, if not more would identify more with the lower image (Coca-Cola) rather than the upper image (generic grocery brand). Some people might prefer the generic cola simply because they prefer the taste, but if you put these two photos in front of a person from any country on Earth, they could most likely identify the bottom photo as Coca-Cola. The point is, Coca-Cola has spent a lot of time and money developing their brand as recognizable and reliable.

The same is true for casinos. Note the following brands:


Most could clearly recognize the Wynn brand as a pinnacle of quality and luxury in Las Vegas, while the Hilton brand can be associated with hotels and/or casinos. Steve Wynn has spent many years building his brand in Las Vegas, and it paid off when he expanded his brand into Macau, China. There were only a few casino licenses handed out in this lucrative gaming region, and Steve Wynn won one of the licenses. Even today in Macau, the Wynn resort is one of the most popular due to the brand recognition worldwide.

When building your brand recognition, there are a few important guidelines to follow. The first is brand promise vs. brand performance. The promise must meet performance. If you preach excellence, and then do not deliver, your brand will not be strong. If you walked into the Wynn Las Vegas, you’d expect the sights, sounds and experience to match your vision of what you thought you would see. If you walked into your room in the Wynn Las Vegas and the paint was visually unappealing, the food was less than delicious, and it smelled like a cheap Motel 6, then I think Wynn must not have delivered performance that matched the promise he made to consumers when marketing his brand. Another thing to keep in mind is tangible vs. intangible assets. It is far more difficult to imitate intangible assets, and therefore, these are the assets that must be marketed more heavily when building a strong brand. Coca-Cola is a master when it comes to marketing intangible assets. During Christmas-time, Coca-Cola launches a campaign each year that focuses on Santa and polar bears and penguins. Most are very cute and have a retro-feel, and they focus more on snow and the holidays and polar bears sharing Coke with the penguins or Santa. I ask you, what does this have to do with Cola? Does this make the consumer know how the Cola will taste? No. Instead, they are marketing a feeling. The feeling a consumer will get when they drink a Coca-Cola. This is the object of brand recognition marketing.

Image Credit – IGA Cola

Image Credit – Coca-Cola

Image Credit – Hilton

Image Credit – Wynn


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Very well written!!

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