Take Care of Your Employees!

Posted on: February 18, 2011

Still snowing and no signs of stopping here in Reno, Nevada.

View from my balcony

While trying to maneuver my rear wheel drive Mustang to work this morning with several inches of snow and all of the fantastic (not!) Reno drivers out on the road, I was listening to a morning show on ESPN radio and they were talking about how successful NFL teams always have a front office that respects and takes care of their staff. Teams like the Colts, Steelers and Packers all have front office management that takes care of their staff very well, and that’s not just the players. They treat everyone well from the coaches to assistant coaches to people who work in the offices. Teams like the Cardinals and Texans do not have the reputation for taking care of staffers. And it shows. Look at the records of those teams over the past however many years. The Texans have had a decent start the past few years, but they always end up falling apart mid-to-late in the season. It’s no coincidence that the Colts, Steelers and Packers usually have very successful seasons.

The same can be said for business. Companies on the top of the Fortune 500 Best Companies List all share qualities that have to do with taking care of employees. SAS has been at or near the top of the list for numerous years. They offer employees on site child care, health care and a gym for employees to name a few. Employees at that company feel that they are cared for and held at a high level by the company, so in turn, they are more productive and care more about the work they do.

Casinos are notorious for cutting the perks out of jobs. Many health plans are less than amazing, cafeterias serve what can only be seen as buffet leftovers, and most have completely eliminated perks such as 401K matching. Now, I understand that the economy is suffering at this time, but it would do these casinos well to start appreciating their employees. If you appreciate your employees and they can see the effort, you will see an equal effort, if not a better one, from your employees. And in terms of differentiation from other properties, sometimes customer service is the only leg you can stand on. Slot machines, free play and table games can be found anywhere, but a positive guest experience by way of good customer service can truly set you apart from your competitors.


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I completely agree! Great post!

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