Empower your Employees

Posted on: March 4, 2011

In a blog post by Social Media Explorer, I found some very interesting information about how to empower your employees when creating

a digital media campaign that I think would be very useful to apply in casino marketing:

1. Training is Overrated: Social media, like Twitter and Facebook, have long been blocked in office internet filters. When launching a digital media campaign, it is important for the company to trust the employees they hire for this position, and allow them to do what they do best: post on Facebook and “tweet” on Twitter. Trying to “train” them to use these social media platforms properly will only hinder the creativity and block the useful content that they would otherwise provide for you. Getting out of the mindset that your employees are “playing on Facebook” will greatly increase the quality of work you are getting from your social media employees.

2. Permission to Try Things: Your social media team should be posting multiple times daily on Facebook and Twitter as well as they should be blogging regularly. These are all ways to improve your online presence. This is especially important in a time in which people are going to the internet for nearly all of their information. If your company or casino is the only competitor in the market that has an online presence, it is likely to drive business to your property.

3. Stop Doing Something You Have Always Done: It is very easy to stick to the basics of what has “always worked.” Trying something new, especially when it comes to building an online presence can be very challenging and possibly very expensive. At first, while your online presence is growing, it might seem like other proven methods should be used. But trust me, once your online presence starts to take off, your value will grow exponentially as well as the priority for social media marketing will increase.

The Internet Revolution took place over 10 years ago, but the social media revolution is just now taking off. Many companies are hesitant to take on a social media marketing campaign because it is so new. That means that your company can capitalize on this new form of marketing before many of your competitors do. Does your company have a social media marketing strategy? If so, what kind of social media platforms are you using and do you find successful?


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