How to be a better blogger

Posted on: March 11, 2011

Clearly I am very new at this whole blogging phenomenon, so I’m always looking for advice and helpful hints on how to be a better blogger and how to drive more traffic to my blog. After all, I’m not just writing a blog so I can read it, I’m hoping that I provide good enough content and fresh enough ideas to drive traffic to my blog. So, I found an interesting article posted on, written by guest blogger Jeremy Myers that includes five helpful tips on how to be a better blogger.

1. Read your own blog – When you are done posting your blog, you should always re-read it to make sure everything flows and makes sense. Also, make sure to always read and respond to all comments by your readers. People comment on blogs because they have something to say. You should read and respond to every comment, regardless of how many comments you generate.

2. Read your readers’ blogs – When people comment on your blog, you should always click over to their blogs and read and comment on them. By reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, you can generate more traffic and comments to your own blogs, as well as you can find out what other people are writing about.

3. Comment on other blogs – In addition to reading and commenting on your readers’ blogs, you should go out and comment on other blogs. Problogger suggests commenting on at least 5 other blogs per day, but I find that to be a little excessive. At this point in time, I have been regularly commenting on 3 or more blog posts per week. I have seen some increase in traffic on my website, but I need to start branching out and finding new blogs. If you comment enough on someone’s blog, they might end up adding you to their blogroll, which can generate even more traffic in the future.

4. Repost excerpts from the blogs of others – When you read a good post, you should always post at least an excerpt and link back to that person’s blog. Pretty much exactly what I’m doing right now! I enjoyed this post by Problogger, so I’m summarizing and I linked back to the homepage and the blog post page. By doing this, you open the door for bloggers to post guest posts on your blog and might mention in their own blogs that you re-posted, which again, will drive more traffic to your blog.

5. Repost the comments of others – If you happen to find a good comment thread on a blog, write a post about it and include the actual comments. People who comment want to be read, and will appreciate the fact that someone is reading and replying to their comments.

In summary, it seems that blogging is a game of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Of course you need the content to back it up, but if you are a courteous blogger and commenter, you can in turn drive traffic and comments to your own blog. I know I always appreciate it when I post a comment on someone’s blog and I receive a response. Even a simple “thank you” lets your readers/commenters know that you appreciate and care enough to acknowledge the time they took to comment.


6 Responses to "How to be a better blogger"

I do find that I tend to read the blogs of those that comment on my own blog and facebook posts.

Hi G,
Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation! I appreciate the feedback.


I agree with you, 100%. I’ve made some real good connections via “returning the favor” in blogging, and in social media in general. When you show a genuine interest, so will others.

Thanks Erin!

Here I am almost not following my own advice! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, much appreciated!


Super information, thank you. I am new to the blogging world, also. I will be commenting and sharing other posts, as well.

Great stuff.

Have an awesome day,


Good luck with your blog and thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation!

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