Change IS Good

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Change is good, even if you might be averse to it. I was sitting in a meeting the other day for a non-profit organization. The organization is going through some changes due to the problems with the economy. A new board member gave a presentation about what he felt was going wrong in the organization from what he has witnessed and researched in his short time with them. He had some amazing ideas! But the whole time I was sitting there listening, I was noticing that some of the lifetime board members had looks on their faces like they were being invaded. In a sense, they are being invaded, but its a GOOD thing. It’s important sometimes to sit back and listen to the new ideas of someone else, taking into consideration that they are just trying to help you. What I’ve noticed in the two years that I have been involved, is that this organization and its leaders have a hard time getting out of their own way. It’s all about the “way we’ve always done it,” rather than the way we should do it going forward. For example, they’ve been used to large sponsorships and donations in the past, upwards of $10-20k. Unfortunately, this is just not a realistic goal anymore. Companies are not shelling out money like they used to for charitable causes. Instead, the new idea involved seeking out multiple smaller donations, more along the lines of $1-2k. Ten of those would equal the $10k donation they used to get. But, they’ve never done it that way, so I think it scares people to try something new when the norm has been the norm for 10-15 years. The moral of the story is, change is good. It’s so important to have an open mind and give someone else the opportunity to have a good idea now and again. It might actually end up helping you in the end!


2 Responses to "Change IS Good"

I totally agree with you, Erin! My company recently went through a lot of changes. At first everyone was against it one way or another but I do believe bringing fresh faces and new ideas can help an organization in many ways. Even my own department have gone through lots of changes in the past 3 years I’ve been here and I have to say, although the process was painful, the end result is amazing! Sometimes changes don’t work out but it is good in most situations. Great post!

Hey Irene,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I really appreciate the feedback and hopefully I can try to convince this organization to embrace change!
Thanks again!

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