A Match Made in Heaven

Posted on: March 28, 2011

Yep, I’m going to talk about Internet Poker again. But hey, it’s a really hot topic in the gaming world right now. So, here’s a quick recap of the week in review:

Wynn Las Vegas entered into a partnership with PokerStars and will operate as once the legislation passes. This is a BIG deal. These two companies are giants in their respective industries, and joining forces only makes them stronger as a whole. As soon as Internet Poker is “legalized,” that is to say legislated, this newly formed partnership will likely take the lead in the market. Prior to this partnership, Nevada casinos were fighting to make sure that once Internet Poker is legislated, companies like PokerStars would not be able to get licensed because they have been breaking the UIGEA law by operating in the US. The newest law, which I talked about in my last post, would not prohibit the existing online poker companies from getting licensed. This was a VERY strategic move on behalf of Wynn Las Vegas as well as PokerStars. Two major players teaming up to take over the market, which is what likely will happen. 

In a less reported story, Caesars Entertainment joined up with 888 Holdings PLC, an Israeli company that offers Internet gaming options in Italy, France and the UK. This deal was approved on the same day as the Wynn/PokerStars deal was announced and it marks the first time that the Nevada Gaming Commission has allowed a casino operator to do business with a company who offers Internet gambling. The good news for Caesars in this deal is that they will be able to market it’s very strong World Series of Poker brand worldwide now across the Internet.

It seems that with these two mega-deals occurring within the same week that legislation is getting closer than ever in terms of Online Poker. At this time, Nevada should be very eager for AB258 to pass and to start regulating the industry. It means a boost in revenue for the state that is so desperate for any additional income and it will be very interesting going forward to see where this is going to go. Stay tuned, as I’m sure this is not the last of the new information I will hopefully be bringing you as this story unfolds.

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