Posted on: April 4, 2011

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Ok, ok, maybe I’ve jumped the gun a bit, since the NFL is technically not dead just yet. But this is a real option. No NFL season in 2011-12. That’s hard to say out loud. I personally can’t imagine a whole winter without football on Sunday! No Sunday get-togethers. No Fantasy Football. No REAL FOOTBALL. However, it’s not just us sports fans who are dreading the possibility of the NFL not having a season, the casinos are equally dreading it. As I pointed out in last week’s post, sports book revenues are not exactly bank-busters if they are lost, but football fans usually pack sports books on Sundays and freely spend money on food and beverage. And let’s face it, the casinos in Nevada are not really interested in losing any portion of their revenue, even if it is only 1-2% of gross gaming revenues.

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So, what can the casinos do to try and make up for the lack of an NFL season? One idea could include special Sunday promotions during football season. After all, sports fans will need to do something on those empty Sundays…might as well try and turn at least some of them into gaming customers. Another idea is to start pushing other sports betting options such as baseball, hockey and college sports. There is also talk of starting wagering on non-sporting events like Hollywood awards shows. That could attract a whole other group of potential betting customers. Sports books could also start taking bets on events like whether or not there will be an NFL season, or when will the next NFL season start. Another sector that could take an even bigger hit than the casinos are sports bars outside of gaming facilities. If you’ve ever been to a Bully’s or Sparky’s in Reno, you’ll know that those places thrive on NFL Sundays. I can only imagine the hit those small venues will take if the NFL season does not happen. And what about the employees of the stadiums that are filled to the brim on Sundays? Thousands more people will be out of work in America. The extent of damage an NFL lockout would do to America is probably at this point not foreseeable in it’s entirety.


6 Responses to "R.I.P. NFL"

I had never really thought of the impact of this before, but I’m sure a good number of folks on their way to or from the sports book also take the opportunity to sit at the tables or machines for a while, even if they don’t plan on hanging out at the sports book all day. So while that direct loss may be 1-2% of revenues, the secondary loss could definitely inflate that number and be hurtful, as you mentioned.

Hey Eddy, Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation. Let’s hope we never have to find out what happens if there is no NFL season…

Interesting article Erin. It is amazing how tourism and casinos are so affected by national events, esspecially sports! Great ideas on keeping the revenue coming in on Sundays though!

Hey Cole, thanks for commenting! People really don’t think of all the things that will be affected by something as simple as an NFL strike.

i never thought of this! I just think about how sad I will be without Tom Brady every week!! Great stuff, love your writing!

Hey Jess,
Thanks for commenting. Can’t say I agree with you on the Brady thing, but let’s hope we don’t have to go a whole season without the NFL.

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