How to Create a Brand Evangelist

Posted on: April 6, 2011

I just recently learned what a brand evangelist is. It’s basically a brand ambassador – a customer who is devoted to the brand and its survival.

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These people are essential to your business, because they promote it and are a form of free advertising for you. So, how do you create brand evangelists? First of all, customer service is key. In a lecture presentation by Kade Dworkin the other night, I heard a story about how a brand evangelist was created through the use of Twitter. A customer tweeted to a Las Vegas casino Twitter account and asked if a certain local sporting event would be broadcast in the sports book. The person who was monitoring the Twitter account called the sports book, asked if the game was being shown, and when they found out it was, they requested a table be reserved for the guest who was inquiring about the game. The sports book was happy to oblige. The Twitter account responded to the customer that the game was being shown and a table was on reserve, just give your name. Voila! A brand evangelist is created. The customer then responded to the Twitter account with many thanks then tweeted to all of his followers how great the service was. You can bet that in the future, this customer will spread the word about the amazing service at this organization and will convert other people into loyal customers.

One of the biggest goals to set when trying to create brand evangelists is to get people to share what you have to say, and in turn you have to say interesting things. In social media, you can create brand evangelists by posting special offers to your followers or fans or holding contests to get your customers involved with the brand. It is also important to deliver on your promises and therefore build trust with your customers. The more they trust you, the more likely they will become brand evangelists, which is the ultimate goal. You will not turn all customers into brand evangelists, however, the few that you do create will last a lifetime and will be more valuable than you could possibly measure.

What are some ways you think you can create a brand evangelist for your company?


3 Responses to "How to Create a Brand Evangelist"

Ahh the $$ we save when we can get our customers to advertise for us, like “it was great” and “I had a great time” and the holy grail” You HAVE to try it/go there”
Give them a hat, tshirt, and an experience and…voila, brand evangleist!

Love you sweetie!

Hey Dad,
Thanks for commenting! Glad you like my stuff. See you in a few weeks!

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