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Posted on: April 30, 2011

Casinos are always sending offers to guests, whether it be through direct mail or email or offers on Facebook. It’s really important to keep your message out there and keep your brand on the top of a guest’s mind, because, let’s face it, they probably gamble at other places. They are likely also receiving offers from other locations and weighing their options about what offers to choose and which to not redeem. If you try to make the offers easy to accept, then you will have the guests coming back for more from your property. Here are a couple of quick tips to making offers hard to refuse:

1. The offer should be of some value to the guest.

If you’re just consistently sending offers with slight discounts and never sending anything for free, it’s not likely that the guests will jump at the opportunity to receive 10% off of a daily room rate. Take a look at your occupancy records and find out what days the hotel never fills, and send out complimentary room offers on those days. Even if the guest is borderline in terms of worth, it’s better to have the person in your hotel with the potential to be spending money than at their own home or worse, at your competitor’s property.

2. The offer should be easy to redeem.

Ok step 1 is to give them something of value. Step 2 now needs to be making it easy to redeem. If a guest has to take too many steps to redeem an offer, it is likely that they will get frustrated and give up. Does the guest need to go through several web pages to redeem? Do they need to sit on hold forever on your reservation line? Do they need to print out multiple coupons or visit a long line at your loyalty club? The more hoops they need to jump through to redeem an offer, the less likely they are to redeem, or come back in the future.

3. Fine print.

The last thing someone wants to do when receiving a direct mail piece is spend an hour reading all the rules and fine print. If an offer is so complex that you need half a page, 5 point font, and the guest needs to break out the magnifying glass to read the rules, you might have a problem. Try and come up with offers that do not require a lot of fine print and “rules.” This will make guests much more likely to redeem in the future.

4. Create consistent content worth reading.

Finally, don’t just send offers just for the sake of sending something. This is especially true when it comes to email marketing. Have you ever heard the saying “less is more”? If a guest is receiving an email a day or multiple emails a day from a property and only occasionally something of worth comes through, than how likely is it that they will open your emails every day? Not very. I receive an offer every day from, and I always open the email, because they send me great deals! I have never been disappointed by an email I receive. On the other hand, every day I receive an email from Macy’s, and it’s usually just deals I can find if I go to my nearest store where they always have sales and promotions running similar to what is in the emails. So, I usually delete the Macy’s email every day. It is very rare that I open it. And this is exactly what you do NOT want your customers thinking when they see your emails in their inbox.

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nice article kiddo

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