How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Posted on: May 6, 2011

One, two, three…you get the picture.

When you’re in customer service, whether it is in a casino or other type of business, you always want your customers to love you. And there are many  ways that you can ensure a long and lasting relationship with your customers. Here are a few tips on how to make your customers fall in love with you (and by you, I mean your company, by no means do we want crazy love affairs running rampant in the business):

Learn their name! This is one of the easiest ways to attract and keep a customer. When I used to deal blackjack, it was required that whenever a dealer was leaving the table, they must introduce all the players by first name to the incoming dealer, and so on and so on. Well, it just so happens that I now work in Events for the same casino that I was a dealer at, and that simple exercise allowed me to remember and know so many customer names. Someone will walk up to me that I remember from my dealing days, or even someone who plays in a lot of events but keeps a low profile, and I will address them by name and they are so surprised and impressed that I remember who they are. It’s easy, free and should be at the top of your training list to tell your employees to remember people’s names.

Make eye contact: Nothing says good customer service like eye contact. There is nothing worse than a customer walking up to an employee when the employee is buried in a computer screen. I even find myself guilty of this sometimes. Tell your employees to take the time to look up from what they’re doing and acknowledge the customer in front of them. The customer will greatly appreciate the gesture.

Make the customer feel good about their visit: This is especially true for a casino guest. They don’t want to leave with a negative feeling about being at your property. They likely are leaving with a few less dollars in their pocket and they definintely don’t need you adding to the negativity with a bad attitude or poor customer service.

Give them the benefit of the doubt: Ever heard that saying, “the customer is always right?” Well that’s garbage. They are NOT always right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them as such. There is no glory in proving a customer wrong about something. Most of the time, all they want is some acknowledgment that something went wrong and that you will do what you can to fix it. The object is not to win the argument. Hold your tongue and make them feel that their concerns are actually being addressed.

The word is “YES”: When you get a request, you should do everything in your power to be able to say yes. Now of course this will not always be the case, as some customers can request ridiculous things. But NO should not be your first response. Say something like “I’ll see what I can do” or “That’s a great suggestion, I’ll look into it.” Then, the next time you see them, follow up on the request. This will let them know you actually value their opinion and most importantly their business.

There are many ways to make a customer “love” you, and these are only a few ways. What are some ways you make the customer fall in love?


2 Responses to "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways"

I love this!!! Great and insightful advice!

Hey Sharon, thanks for the response!

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