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Well, faithful followers, I have returned. I must apologize for my absence, but between graduation, getting a new place, a summer school class and ten days in New York City (ah-mazing by the way, thanks for asking), life has been a little hectic. I have finally pressed the pause button on life and slowed things down enough to get back to the blog-o-sphere.

Today, I’d like to talk (again!) about some of the great things I’m discovering about the Total Rewards program at Harrah’s! Harrah’s as a company has a long, successful history, but as of late have kind of fallen off the radar in terms of hotels and casinos. They have gone through some financial hardships since 2007 and are not generally mentioned when people talk about great places to visit, especially in Reno. But man, they are stepping up their game in the Total Rewards department. The newest feature is called Total Rewards Marketplace. Now, in addition to gambling, spending money in Harrah’s restaurants and other outlets and booking a convention at a Harrah’s property, you can now earn Total Rewards points by shopping at some of your favorite retail outlets. Yep, you heard me right. Now, by spending money at places like Apple, Barnes and Noble and Target online. All you have to do is log into the Total Rewards Marketplace with your Total Rewards account number and let the shopping begin. You will earn 1 point for every $1 spent and 2 points for every $1 spent if you shop with your Total Rewards Visa card. I think this is another great way to get the Harrah’s and Total Rewards name out there. I’m going to dig my Total Rewards card out and use it the next time I need to shop online. Earn points while shopping for things I would have bought anyway? Yes please!

Hello all.

No, I haven’t forgotten about you, just been roaming the streets of New York City for a little over a week and haven’t had the Internet connection or the time to blog. But rest assured, I’ll be back home Tuesday and will pick up right back where I left off!

Tomorrow, I plan on trying to visit either Aquaduct or Yonkers Raceway, so I look forward to offering a different perspective on what the racinos look like up here and what’s new.

Thanks for following, and I look forward to getting back to blogging shortly!

Cheers from the Big Apple!

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