Leadership in NYC

Posted on: July 28, 2011

As some of you may know, I participated in a Leadership in Arts class for a week in New York City in June. Not only did I absolutely fall in LOVE with the city, but I actually learned a few things as well! Shocking, I know…

In any case, below you will find a journey through pictures of my trip and some of the things I learned about New York City.

What would a post about leadership be without first talking about George Washington? The first of many great leaders in this country. We came across this statue on our first full day in New York, in Union Square I think. During the class, we also talked about another great president, Woodrow Wilson, and his views on leadership and the role of government. A lot of the things he said about the role of government in America still hold true today.

Here you see the inside of Trinity Church. This is the church that is right across the street from the World Trade Center site. Many of the volunteers, rescue workers and victims families of 9/11 used this church as their safe haven during the days and weeks following 9/11. Miraculously, the church ended up with barely any damage even though it was in such close proximity to the Towers. The inside of this church and the memorial and history that it holds is very moving. Rescue workers and volunteers aren’t usually viewed as “leaders” in the traditional sense of the word, but the people of New York who helped following 9/11 are as much leaders and should be held in the same high regard as leaders such as George Washington as seen above.

The United Nations is the definition of leadership. Leaders from nations all over the world gather here in the General Council Chambers to discuss world issues of all kinds. Just days after we were here, the General Council met to discuss AIDS and its worldwide impact. The UN was one of the coolest things we saw on the trip, and it’s something that not many people are able to see. We got to peek through a window to see the Security Council chamber, but were not permitted to take photos.

Here you see the mural that extends on the whole wall of the Audubon Ballroom where Malcom X was assassinated. During the class, we learned and discussed the lives of Malcom X and MLK. While they each have their own history, and are remembered for being very different people, they share many leadership qualities. They were both very charismatic speakers and their followers were very loyal. They also both fought to the death for what they believed in. Towards the end of their lives, their goals became dramatically different, but both men were willing to stand up for what they believed in and were willing to even die for what they believed in.

Ok, this really doesn’t have a lot to do with leadership, but how cool is it that we were able to be on a billboard in Times Square?! Great marketing idea from American Eagle. If you purchase something from their Times Square storefront, you can get your photo taken upstairs in the store and it is posted within 5 minutes on the HUGE electronic billboard right in times square. It ends up re-posting several times and we felt pretty darn cool…

Um, what would a trip to New York be without heading to Yankee Stadium baby!!!

And, that about does it for Leadership in New York. Obviously, in ten days I saw way more than this, but unfortunately I cannot find my camera cord and could only upload what I had on my phone. If I get those other photos uploaded, prepare for part 2!!


2 Responses to "Leadership in NYC"

Captivating. Riveting, but in the sense of actually putting rivets into sheetmetal as to fasten. We need to reunionize. Rehash the harshness and glory etc.

NYC is great, I’m glad you were able to find some of the beauty. Many just get lost in the touristy stuff. Go Yanks!

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