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Posted on: May 3, 2011

This post is officially the last one that I am posting as a requirement of my Personal Branding class with Dr. Bret Simmons. But fear not fellow readers! I fully intend on continuing on this blogging journey! So, here it goes…

Get ready for yet another great example of rewards done right! I stumbled upon a social media promotion run by the Palms Resort in Las Vegas that I think is a great direction to go in terms of casino marketing. I have talked a bit about Caesars Entertainment and how they are rewarding guests for spending money outside of gambling. This Palms promotion is very similar. Guests who sign up on their website earn rewards for retweeting deals that are posted on the Palms twitter account. You earn 10 points for each offer you tweet and 250 points for each offer that one of your friends/followers purchase. You can use your points towards the following:

This is a fantastic way to drive new traffic without having to directly attract gamblers. There are so many people on Facebook and Twitter these days, and by offering them rewards to tweet your offers and encourage their friends to purchase your offers, you are in the process of creating brand evangelists…almost for FREE! We love free!

So, I decided I better sign up for this promotion since I’m raving so much about it. Then I can report back to you and let you know if it’s all it cracks up to be! The first step is to tweet the offer of the day. Today there are two opportunities to tweet. The first is:


Come join our Social Rewards Loyalty Program! Earn points towards free rooms, drinks, dinners, more while in #Vegas

What are some other ways you can attract new business without attracting gamblers? Do you think this is a good way to increase business?

There is a “tweet” button that makes it easy to use. You get 10 points just for tweeting. Check!

The next opportunity is:

Be a playboy! Rates @ Palms Las Vegas starting @ $99, access to club, $25 match play & Comedy tickets! #vegas

Once again, an easy to use “tweet” button and 10 more points. Check!

You can also post on Facebook and encourage your friends to buy the deals you share. That would be 250 points! Double check! Then I can take all my points, just for being a brand evangelist for Palms, and get free stuff. And I never even have to spend a dollar at the Palms, but you can bet when I redeem for my free hotel room, I will be spending those dollars at the Palms.

So, what do you think about this promotion?


5 Responses to "Social Rewards"

That is so cool I am going to follow them now! I think it’s a great marketing tool for promoting social media which is the up and coming!

Great post – I’d be interested to see how this is operationalized. When you go to the Palms restaurant to cash in your 2500 pts for a steak dinner, will the maitre’d know how to pull up your points from the website or a database

Thanks for joining the conversation. On the website, there’s a “redeem” key that I’m assuming allows you to print out some kind of coupon and then you can actually redeem it in person. It’s really a great way to attract customers who woudn’t come in on their own just to gamble. It’s also free advertising!

Hi, I’m with Social Rewards and the redemption process is fairly straightforward. Once a point level is high enough for a redemption, the end used clicks the ‘redeem’ tab and then is sent a 6 digit one use code that the concierge can verify at the hotel. Once they key in the code at their end at the hotel, the end user receives a voucher for a room night, show tickets, dinner or whatever comp they have earned.

We also just launched version 1.5 of our Social Loyalty Platform with Luxor that allows you to join via Facebook Connect or Twitter and gives points for sharing on your Facebook wall and the ability to earn ‘commission points’ from Facebook as well. Check it out at

Hi Joe,
Thanks so much for commenting and clarifying how the program works. I think it’s a great idea for casinos to use as a marketing platform.

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